Master Data Mining in Data Science & Machine Learning

Learn about Data Mining Standard Processes, Survival Analysis, Clustering Analysis, Various algorithms and much more.


What you'll learn-
✔ Get started with Data Mining.
✔ Learn about different Data Mining Standard Processes.
✔ Learn the concept of Survival Analysis.
✔ Learn about the concept of Cox Hazards Regression.
✔ Perform Clustering Analysis.
✔ Learn about the Dimensionality reduction.
✔ Learn about the concept of Association Rule Learning.
✔ Learn about the Predictive Modelling.
✔ Learn everything about Data Mining and its applications.
✔ Understand Machine Learning and their connections with Data Mining.
✔ Learn all Machine Learning algorithms,their types and their usage.
✔ Practical use of Data Mining.
✔ Use real world examples of Data Mining.


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